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shark party ideasshark party ideas

Shark Party Ideas and Food Your Kids Will Love

Toddlers and kids these days are absolutely obsessed with that song “baby shark”, and who can blame them? If there’s an upcoming celebration in your kid’s life and you want to make their day, here are some of the best shark party ideas you can try:

Shark Party Ideas

A shark week party can be so much fun for kids and adults alike. The best thing is, it’s easy to throw one. Now, while an intense Jaws-themed party maybe a little too much for young children, there are still lots of awesome shark birthday party ideas that are perfect for little boys and girls.

1.  Underwater Adventure

Planning a shark birthday party? There are lots of shark party ideas for boys, but this one’s our favorite. Let your boys unleash their unlimited energy and satisfy their curiosity by creating an underwater adventure shark-themed party filled with lots of shark-themed decors- and don’t forget the games and prizes.

For the decor, use different shades of blue to mimic the seawater. Go crazy with bubbles. Incorporate some green to resemble seaweed. And for the games, do lots of “find the X” and “escape the Y”.

2. Day At The Beach

On the other hand, out of all the shark party ideas for girls, our all-time favorite is a shark party at the beach. Don’t have an actual beach nearby? No worries. Use your community or backyard pool, or even an inflatable pool.

Just fill the venue with beach umbrellas, ocean murals, and lots of sea creatures. An arch of a huge open shark jaw can serve as your entrance. And, don’t forget to fill the pool with lots of shark floaters and inflatables!

Shark Party Food Ideas

Looking for shark party food ideas? It’s easy to get creative with normal food and snacks, even drinks, too. Go for child favorites such as cakes, cupcakes, and punch, and go crazy in decorating them with shark cake toppers and whatnot.

If you’ll have a lot of adult guests as well, why not amp it up with shark-themed food? You can even incorporate under the sea elements, such as baked oysters, actual seaweed, grilled salmon, and so on.

1.  Baby Shark Cake

Bake your own ball-shaped shark cake and make it look funky. It’s easy to do with just a simple YouTube video. Don’t have the time or creative skills? Order a typical sheet cake and request for shark-themed decorations all the way from the base to the top of the cake.

2.  DIY Shark Desserts

Easy desserts such as cut-up fruits and cupcakes are a staple in any kid’s party. It’s easy to make these snacks baby shark-themed too. Just take your pick of desserts, buy some decorating kit including lots of toothpick and shark cupcake toppers, and off you go.

3.  Shark Punch

Don’t forget the drinks, or your hyperactive guests will go thirsty! Serve up some baby shark punch with just a couple of ingredients and a little bit of food color. You can even make it adult-friendly by adding your choice of clear or white alcohol- just separate it from the kids’ area.

Shark Party Decorations Idea

A shark birthday doesn’t feel like one without a little bit of shark decor. As such, the venue needs to really look the part by having lots of shark party decorations on display. This can be anywhere from props, banners, backdrops, and party essentials. Even just going blue and putting shark fins on every corner will go a long way in setting the mood.

1.  Baby Shark Mylar Balloons

When it comes to a kid’s party, balloons are a must, and they should be as fun and vibrant as possible. For a shark party theme, go with ordinary blue balloons and spice things up with a few baby shark mylar balloons. Set them up all around the party place, by the food table, or at the photo booth area.

2.  Shark Toys

You don’t have to spend tons of money just for the perfect baby shark party. If your kid is obsessed with sharks, chances are, you already have a lot of shark toys, accessories, and even bedding cluttered around your house. So, just pick them up, bring them outside, and use them as extra decor. Tiny toys can go as table centerpieces and beddings can be used as tablecloths.

3.  Shark Party Supplies

Really set the mood by going all out with baby shark party supplies. These include party plates, drinking cups, straws, utensils, napkins, and other shark party supplies. You can order a cheap set online and have it in time for the party. Besides, this way, you don’t have to do any dishes afterwards.

Shark Party Favor Ideas

As good as the start of the party is, it’s important to end things at a high note, and this means giving our shark party favors that they can take home, enjoy, and remember the good times with. There are lots of cute and affordable party favors you can get for just about any age group.

1.  Shark Themed Party Goodies Bag

Nothing beats a goodies bag filled with an assortment of party favors. These are fun little things that really make the party memorable. Of course, the bag itself should be shark themed. You’ll easily find lots of shark favor bags online, but you can also make them yourself.

Just get ordinary party favor bags, preferably in blue, gray, and white, and stick some printed sharks or shark stickers on the front- that’s it! Of course, you can go with different colors and motifs depending on your party theme. However, you want to approach it, make sure to fill the bag with lots of awesome goodies.

2.  Shark Water Squirt Toys

Those who throw a really good party know that the fun does not stop just because the party has ended. If you live by this motto, add a few cool favors that the kids can enjoy once they get home. This can be snacks, candies, and toys.

If you’re throwing the party during the summer, one of our best suggestions is water squirter toys. They are cheap, they are fun, and they are perfect for all ages. The best part is, there are lots of these in shark shapes and designs.

3. Shark Tank Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Even as adults, let’s admit it. We can’t resist blowing and popping some bubbles every now and then. We especially recommend the shark tank bubbles which you can buy in packs of 12. The bubble wands alone are so cute with their shark tips.

Shark Party Game Ideas

Nothing makes a kids party more fun than playing a couple of games that everyone can join. It’s even better if the games are funny and interactive rather than focused on competition. After all, we are talking about little kids, and all they want is to have fun.

Dancing to “baby sharks” is a staple, and so is marathoning Jaws, Shark Tale, Sharknado, The Meg, and other shark movies for older kids. But, aside from these things, what else can you do at a shark party?

Well, how about incorporating some fun educational stuff, particularly about sharks and other sea creatures? How about some crafty activities? Maybe a shark costume? Below are some other shark party games and activities you can try:

1.  Shark Playhut

If the kids are more into exploration and adventures, they will have so much fun with a Shark Playhut, as it will give them lots of opportunities to explore, learn, get creative, and just have a great time playing with each other. You can buy one off of Amazon, or if you’re creative enough, make your own out of some tents and boxes.

2.  Pin The Shark Fin

Don’t forget the all-time classic game of pin the X, this time, pin the shark fin. It’s fun for kids especially if you can get creative with the metrics of the game, and it can also be enjoyable for adults after a couple of drinks. Again, you can order a pin the shark fin game online or make your own with just a few colored papers and some tape.

Final Thoughts

Shark themed parties are always fun no matter where you are or how old your guests may be. We hope you liked the shark party ideas we’ve listed above, and if you have more, feel free to comment them down below!