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shark party ideasshark party ideas

Shark Party Ideas and Food Your Kids Will Love

Toddlers and kids these days are absolutely obsessed with that song “baby shark”, and who can blame them? If there’s an upcoming celebration in your kid’s life and you want to make their day, here are some of the best...

How Does A Snorkel Work?

Apart from scuba diving, snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities you can do underwater, but to do it properly, you’ll need to wear a snorkel. But first, how does a snorkel work? To put things simply, a snorkel...

free diver swimming in the seafree diver swimming in the sea

Deepest Free Dive – Freediving Records

Freediving is one of the most exciting outdoor sports known to man, and it has been increasingly popular over the years. That’s probably because it’s one of the few sports that really tests the capabilities and limits...