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Little girl with cocktail at the swimming poolLittle girl with cocktail at the swimming pool

How to Throw A Fun Pool Party for Girls

The ultimate pool party planner guide, including a complete pool party checklist just for you!

It’s summer and you’re thinking about throwing a fun pool party for girls? We’ll show you how-from choosing the right theme and decor, creating the best invites and party favors, and picking the tastiest snacks and most exciting games. Here’s everything you need so your little girl can have the ultimate party she’s always dreamed of.

Step 1: Choose the perfect theme

“A party without a theme is just a meeting.”

Sure, you’ve decided that this year you’d like to host a pool party for your kids summer birthday, but that’s only half of the journey. The perfect party requires the perfect theme- everything else down this list will revolve on the theme. Make sure to decide on that before anything else. The choices online are endless and there’s a lot you can DIY.

There are many different fun pool party ideas out there, from hot and trending to no-fail classics, such as these lovely ideas: 

Mermaid theme pool party

Most little girls love mermaids. Think about an “under the sea” party with all kinds of magical details. Make your girl the star of her birthday by gifting her some beautiful mermaid tails for kids.

Pink flamingo pool party 

Is pink her favorite color? Then a flamingo party might just be the right choice. Get some inflatables, straw holders and more and transform the backyard to a pink paradise.

Hawaiian luau pool party 

Bring the vacation flair to your home by throwing a Hawaiian Luau party. Give the girls some cute flower necklace (Lei) and enjoy delicious pineapple treats.

Classic beach ball pool party 

If you don’t want to be too theme-specific, just add some beach balls throughout the decor to match the summer vibes.

Here’s a tip for you: You don’t have to stick with the usual pool party theme. Ask yourself, who is the party for? How old is she? Are we planning for a toddler or a young adult? What are her interests? Whether it’s painting, puppies, or princesses, there’s a way to make it work as a pool party theme.

Step 2: Send out awesome invitations

“Three is a crowd, and four is a party.” 

Throwing a surprise party for your little girl is one thing. However, the guests need to be there in the first place and they need to know what’s up. While a simple text message can get the point across, getting an invite still feels a lot more personal, fun, and exciting. 

  • Free printables are a quick and easy way. Look for one that fits your theme. Add in the party details, print them out, and send them to your guests. Some printables like this flamingo party pack come as a full invitation and decor pieces set. 
  • You can put your creativity to use by making DIY invites. Gather all supplies and practice your arts and crafts skills by customizing each invite to fit your guest’s personality, such as with pineapple cutouts in your guest’s favorite color. 
  • Unconventional and dual-purpose invites are quirky and fun. Print out the party details on a sticker or a tag and attach it to something that can be used at the party, like a beach ball or flip flops.

Of course, you can always make things easy and convenient while saving up on resources by going paperless- send your personalized invites via email, create a Facebook event, or make a nice photo, gif, or video to send to your group chat. 

Step 3: Deck out the place with themed decor

“I want it fabulous, that is my simple request.” 

It’s time to liven up the place with the right decor that fits your theme and color palette. You can go minimalistic and let the blue pool be the center of attraction, or go all out on your DIY skills and take your guests to a whole new world. 

Here are some useful tips and pool party ideas for kids that you can apply to any theme: 

  • Start with the basics and don’t forget the essentials: the event banner, garlands, lanterns, and a dedicated photo wall. From table covers to utensils, a table setup that fits the party theme or color palette means these items can double as decorative pieces.
  • Set up stations that are designated areas for food and drinks, games and activities, supplies, photo ops, and gifts to keep things organized. This makes displaying everything easier and it will have a bigger impact. For a pool party, a nice poolside lounge and a sunscreen station are definite must-haves. 

Po-tip? Try to separate wet and dry activities into different areas of the venue, and go for waterproof materials like plastic chairs, inflatable pillows, and plastic cups. 

Step 4: Pick and pack the party favors 

“Thank you for coming!” 

There is certainly nothing wrong with giving out typical gift bags filled with classic goodies, but if you really want to take things up a notch, your party favors should be memorable, fun, and useful. 

Similar to using beach balls as invitations, you can distribute pool party supplies as party favors- just hand them out at the start rather than the end of the party, so your guests can use them and take them home afterward. Take your pick from: 

Trust us, no one will miss those dollar store candies in goodie bags. These cute and functional gifts are stuff you know your guests will love and appreciate, and use for months or years after the party is over. 

Step 5: Set up fun games and activities 

When you’re hosting a pool party, you don’t really need to do much to make it fun. The cold and refreshing pool does the job for you and offers an escape from the summer heat. Who doesn’t love to go swimming? That said, there’s no harm in upping the excitement by setting up a couple of games and activities that both kids and tweens will enjoy. 

  • Throw a couple of beach balls, inflatables, and toy boats into the pool for the kids to play with on their own. They can also be sued in a volleyball or boat race game.
  • Fill those water guns and balloons with water, blow up a mini inflatable pool in the backyard filled with soapy water and a hula hoop for giant bubbles, or go all out and rent a water slide.
  • Prepare nice lounge activities for post swimming downtime, like DIY candy bracelet making, tie dye sarong making , or a mermaid show for everyone to enjoy.

The best strategy is to keep things simple and easy, so everyone can have a good time in the summer. At the end of the day, it’s a pool party, so let the kids spend as much time in the water as they’d like. 

Step 6: Prepare yummy snacks and refreshments 

A quick dip in a pool is refreshing, but an hour or two of active playing can drain anyone’s energy. Therefore, snacks and drinks that are energizing and can quickly refuel your guests are a must. Just remember these things when picking out your menu: 

  • Ditch the heavy meals that take a long time to digest- your guests will want to jump into the pool as soon as possible.
  • Avoid food and drinks that can upset the stomach, like dairy, hot and spicy food, and common allergens such as peanuts.
  • Start with the basics- finger foods, fresh fruits, jello, smoothies, punch, popsicles, and a themed cake (or cupcakes).
  • Let your guests cool down in the summer and have fun with a make-your-own-ice-cream-bowl station or something similar.

Make everything as colorful, vibrant, and appetizing as possible. And, if you can, try to keep things somewhat healthy rather than just sugar-filled snacks and beverages. 


You’re throwing a pool party for kids, so keep things simple, fun, and easy. Choose a theme and stick with it, from your decor to your invites. List down some games and narrow it down. Give away handy party favors, and go with the tastiest and most colorful treats that are easy to prepare. 

The Ultimate Girls Pool Party Checklist

  • DIY Themed invitations
  • Tables and chairs (or picnic mats and pillows)
  • Table setup, utensils, and cutlery
  • Party favors, and your version of a guest book
  • Sound system and a playlist
  • Towels, flip flops, and sunglasses
  • Inflatables, toys, goggles 
  • Sunscreen Themed Decor
  • Event banner garlands, and other hanging decor 
  • Photo wall and props- and your camera
  • Signages and decor for each station 
  • Supplies and materials
  • Awards/ Prizes
  • Themed cake (or cupcakes)
  • Themed cake (or cupcakes)
  • Snacks and refreshments