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Flamingo and Unicorn Floaties in PoolFlamingo and Unicorn Floaties in Pool

20 Teen Pool Party Ideas

Your active teenager has a lot to celebrate, whether it’s his or her birthday, a school achievement, or a sports championship. One of the best ways to celebrate that is by throwing a fun-filled pool party that your child and their guests are sure to enjoy and remember for the years to come.

Here are the top 20 ideas on how to throw the ultimate pool party for teens:

Party theme

Here are some of the best pool party themes that your teens are sure to enjoy. We’ve got ideas perfect for girls and boys, as well as a couple of fun gender-neutral themes, so you can take your pick!

1. Movie night

This generation is addicted to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The good thing is, you can bring the fun outdoors while still letting them enjoy their favorite movies by throwing an afternoon pool party with an outdoor movie theater.

2. Neon party

Another pool party idea perfect for late afternoons and evenings is a neon foam party, so your teens can enjoy the refreshing pool and the cool evening breeze while having fun with their friends.

3. Tropical paradise

When you’re throwing a pool party during summertime, you really can’t go wrong with a tropical theme, whether it’s for kids, teens, or adults. It’s festive, fun, vibrant, and it brings all the good things about summer in one spot.

4. Pretty in pink

Give your teen every girl’s dream with a pretty-in-pink pool party filled with everything they want, whether it’s accessories, face masks and hair extensions, or a mermaid tail. (Check out this article on mermaid tails for kids to get a better idea.)


Of course, a party requires matching invitations. Take a look at these themed invites based on the pool party themes we suggested above:

5. Movie tickets

What better way to invite guests to a movie night pool party than with ticket stubs? You can easily download blank stubs online and fill them up with the party details. You can collect these at the entrance, movie theater-style, or let them keep the stubs as mementos.

6. Bubble art and invisible ink

A nice and creative way to hint on a neon foam party theme is by writing the invites using invisible ink on paper that is painted with bubbles. You can make these with your teens as a fun bonding activity.

7. Pantone popsicles

It’s not a legitimate summer party without ice cream. Entice your guests with brain freeze inducing popsicles by sending out Pantone popsicle invites. You can make these with paint swatches or strips of colored paper-cut them into shape and write the party details down.

8. Scented paper and wax seal

Your teen is entering adulthood, and the perfect way to show that is through invitations that showcase class and elegance. Print your well-designed invites on scented paper and seal the envelope with stamped wax for the right touch of girly and royalty.

Snacks and drinks

9. Finger food

When you’re throwing a pool party, your best bet when it comes to food is finger food such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and fries. They are easy to serve, eat, and clean up. Add some popcorn and soda, and you’re off to a perfect movie night.

10. Rainbow delights

Al neon party should feature snacks that are just as vibrant. You can achieve this with rainbow pancakes (plus a selection of jams and jellies for flavor), along with non-alcoholic mocktails, jello shots, and orange sodas in red cups for a teen’s version of a college party experience.

11. Fruity and tangy

For tropical pool party food and drinks, think fresh and flavorful, such as Mediterranean tacos, fruit kebabs, barbecues and skewers, and a DIY watermelon fruit punch for a refreshing drink served in an eye-catching setup. 

12. Pastels and crystals

A girly party is pink and pretty, so when it comes to food, light pastel hues are key. Try sweet and dainty desserts like a themed cake and some french macaroons, add a bit of sparkle with candy crystals, and finish everything off with milkshakes.

Games and activities

Of course, the highlight of a pool party is the pool itself, but there’s surely nothing wrong with spicing things up by throwing in a couple of fun games and activities that everyone will enjoy after their dip in the pool.

13. Backyard bonfire

Supplement the cool breeze and cold water of an evening pool party with a bonfire right in your backyard. A DIY fire pit is easy to make, and serves as a great hangout spot to sing songs, tell stories, and of course, roast some marshmallows.

14. Face paints and dancing

For energetic teens, splashing in the pool is often not enough- liven things up with loud and upbeat music and a couple of games like twister and stop dance, and bring in some color with glow in the dark face paints.

15. Temporary tattoos

Complete the summer party experience by creating a temporary tattoo station for kids, teens, and adults alike. Let them decorate their bodies and have fun- you can hire a henna artist or buy those stick-on tattoos that are waterproof and let your guests choose from the different designs.

16. Poolside spa and mermaid show

Make your teen’s party a relaxation haven with a poolside spa complete with face masks, body scrubs, nail polish, and a masseuse, or make their fantasy come true by hiring a mermaid for a nice show, or even to teach them how to swim like a mermaid.

Party favors

Finally, the right way to end a party is by giving your guests a memento that they can bring home and cherish to remind them of the fun they had with you. The best party favors are those that your guests will have fun using once they get home.

17. DIY popcorn bag 

For your guests’ next movie night, supply them with a DIY popcorn bag filled with a serving of microwave popcorn and powdered flavoring, or ready-to-eat popcorn for an easy on-the-go snack. 

18. Slime kit

A slime kit is a fun and colorful party favor so your guests can have a little something to make and play with- perfect for older kids, tweens, and creative teens (and adults, too!). Just fill a bag or basket with the essentials, such as glue, glitter, food color, and baking soda.

19. Personalized beach towels

A nice and thoughtful party favor you can give to your guests is a beach towel with their name on it. It’s personalized, which shows your appreciation, and they can use it at the next pool or beach party.

20. Nail care kit

Whether it’s a single bottle of nail polish or a full-on nail spa kit, nail care supplies will surely be appreciated by your daughter’s young female friends. Just remember to go with muted colors if the party is during the school year.

Pool Party Essentials

Now, there are certain must-haves for any pool party, regardless of the party theme and the age group of your guests. Make sure you have all these essentials so you can throw the best pool party ever:

  • Tables and chairs, and stations for food and drinks, party favors, and game supplies
  • Lights and sounds, and an updated music playlist
  • Party decor (depending on the theme) and a “lounge area”, such as inflatables, foam pits, beach chairs, or picnic mats and pillows
  • Pool party needs, including sunscreen and towels

The ultimate teen pool party checklist

Party Essentials

  • Themed invitations
  • Themed decor
  • Tables and chairs
  • Stations setup
  • Table setup
  • Lights and sounds
  • Party favors
  • Games and activities supplies
  • Game prizes
  • Food and drinks

Pool Essentials

  • Towels and flip flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Inflatables
  • Pool toys
  • Goggles and sunglasses

Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for pool party ideas for younger kids, take a look at this article: Pool party ideas for kids.