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Mermaid Hair ideasMermaid Hair ideas

10 Mermaid Hair Ideas and Mermaid Hair Styles

Mermaids, sirens, water nymphs, sea maidens. Whatever you call them, you can instantly envision a beautiful woman on top with the lower half of a fish. Her enticing features also include a headful of hair, long, wavy, curly—truly majestic. If you want to recreate stunning mermaid hair, check out the styles that you can do below. There are also fantastic mermaid hair color ideas available and a few accessories if you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term hair change.


Feel like a beautiful mermaid with these wonderful hairstyles. These mermaid hairstyles are for short- and long-haired gals alike!

Mermaid Braid

Start off your look with a wonderful braid that is inspired by the very feature that makes a mermaid, a mermaid! The mermaid braid mimics the lower half of the sea siren. It’s easy to do and works best with long hair.

Wet Look

Look like you’ve been fresh out of the water throughout the day with a stylish wet look. This hairstyle can take you from the water and straight to the red carpet. It works best for girls with short to mid-length hair. You are going to need a ton of product—mousse, gel—to get this look.


Another sea-inspired hairstyle, the fishtail is a pretty basic type of braid. How to do a fishtail braid can be done by just about anyone, even a beginner on her own hair!

Swirl Edges

Just when you thought you can’t wait to grow out all of your baby hair comes the hip swirl edges. This look makes you look like a mermaid living in the sea. And it’s not just for mermaids, even celebrities and models are using this sophisticated look for magazine covers and press events.

Mermaid Waves

There’s curly hair and there are beach waves, somewhere in between lies the perfect mermaid waves hairstyle. This gorgeous look truly gives maiden of the sea vibes.


If you are looking for a more permanent mermaid hairstyle, then you can take inspiration in these wonderful colors:


What better way to feel like a mermaid than by being inspired by the color of the ocean? This hair color starts with a solid blue that then turns into a softer blue-green. It’s the perfect transition from the deep blue to the shore.


Mimic the color of the sky with this amazing hairdo. Get a fiery orange that resembles the sunset. It’s a little bit of an homage to one of the most popular mermaids ever too, Ariel!

Mermaid Pastel

If you prefer a softer color on your hair, then the mermaid pastel might just be for you. This color combines the lightness and whimsicalness of mermaids and the sea. From the glittering scales of fish to the colorful surface of corals and, of course, the vibrancy of the water.


Can’t deal with styling your hair? Let alone changing its color? No problem! You can still feel like a mermaid and get that fantastic mermaid hair with these cute accessories!


What’s one of the best treasures from the sea? Pearls! You can get hair accessories that have pearls on them, like clips and headbands. Or if you are up for it, you can string your hair into pearls for an elegant finish to any hairstyle.


Another fun and pretty element from the water that you can put on your hair is the star! Or rather, the starfish. You can get creative by getting starfish hairpins, barrettes, or scrunchies!

Final Thoughts

Before heading to the water with your mermaid’s hair know that this can affect your hairstyle. If you have recently colored or dyed your hair, check first the guidelines of when it can get wet.

For a really fun look in the water, why not match your mermaid hair with the best realistic mermaid tails? It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy where your hair is blue and your tail is blue too. Think complementary colors! Just like The Little Mermaid with her red hair and green tail. You can also try a dark blue tail with sunset orange hair? Or maybe if you have blonde hair, braid it and then wear a purple mermaid tail? Just go try out color combinations and have fun with it!