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two boys playing at the pooltwo boys playing at the pool

25 Fun Swimming Pool Games for Kids and Adults

Are you excited to soak in the water and enjoy pool time with your kids or your friends? Swimming can really be relaxing, but let’s be honest- sometimes swimming alone can be a little boring, right? Paddling off here and there, how can you make it more exciting?

Making swimming more fun has never been easier. You can play various kinds of swimming pool games for kids and adults alike. Don’t worry, we have prepared all kinds of water games for you to choose from, from fun and simple to competitive and sporty!

If you have no idea what interesting pool games you can play, just continue reading down below.

Swimming pool games for kids and adults

Here’s a variety of pool games for kids and adults. Now you have ideas to make your pool moments more fun and exciting! Right below are information about how these water games work.


First off is something we’re all familiar with. This pool game is one of the simplest water games. It’s rules and mechanics are easy, and what you’ll need are simply a volleyball and a net.

Start off this water game by dividing the players into a team of two with equal numbers of players. Decide which team will strike first and which will receive. The main rule of the game is to prevent the ball from falling by hitting it with your hands or other body parts. When the ball is dropped by a team, the opposing team will gain a point.


Did you know that you can play basketball in the water? Basketball is one of the most popular games, and making it a water game makes it more fun. What you’ll need for this pool game are a basketball and a hoop.

You can either play this water game just by taking turns to shoot, or you can go for the team tournament, where you divide the players into two teams with equal numbers of players, pass the ball to your teammates and earn a score by shooting it to the hoop. The team to have the most number of points after a given time, or the first to achieve a set number of points, wins.


Here’s a goofy one. This water game is as simple as a copying game.

In order to play this water game, first decide on the order in which the players will go. To start this pool game, the first player does a gesture or performs an action wherein the other players will copy. If a player can’t do the gesture or perform the action, then he/she will earn the first letter in the word “fish”. Whoever spells or completes the word first, loses.

Freeze tag

Freeze tag is one of the most common water games. This game simply goes by choosing a player to be the “it” and start tagging other players. If a player gets tagged, or hence frozen, by the “it”, he/she can’t move unless unfrozen by other players.

A modified version of this is the “popsicle freeze tag” and the twist is one must swim between a player’s legs to unfreeze her. After playing for a minute or two, change the “it” player so everyone gets to experience it.

Floatie race

Another pool game that is commonly known is the floatie race. As the name suggests, what you’ll need for this pool game are pool floats/rafts per player.

Start off this game by getting players on their floaties and designating someone to be the referee of the game for fair results. The referee then shouts the “go” signal, and players should start to race to the finish line in their floaties. Players who fall off their floaties will be disqualified from the game. The first player to get to the finish line wins.

girls in pool with balloons

Find the bottle

For this next game, you won’t need fancy supplies- just an empty soda bottle will do. The size can be according to your preference, but the cap should be intact and the label removed.

Prepare to start this game first by filling the bottle with pool water and closing its lid, then dividing the players into two teams and stationing them at the opposite ends of the pool, facing away from the water.

Have one person throw the bottle anywhere in the pool and once the players hear the splash, they can start finding the bottle. The tricky part is that the clear bottle will blend in with the pool. The first team to find the bottle wins.

Ring toss

This game is commonly played at carnivals or amusement parks. What you’ll need for this game is the “ring toss game” equipment which can be found at toy stores, or you can makeshift one by using hula hoops as rings and tossing it to players on the pool.

As the name suggests, to play this game, you toss the rings and shoot them into the target. You can set your distance as far as you want to make it easier or challenging. Give sets of equal number of rings to the players and the player who shoots most rings wins.

Chicken fight

Chicken fight is a water game more suitable for adults because it requires physical strength and balance.

Choose a team of two players and decide who gets to ride the other one’s shoulders. It’s up to you on how many teams you want to form. Once the “go” signal is given, the players at the top square each other off and try to bring other players down. The team who stays last, wins.

Marco polo

Marco polo is a game played even outside of water. Having it as a pool game makes it more fun and interesting.

This game can be played by two or more players. First off, choose someone to be the “it” and have them blindfolded and count to a certain number. While counting, other players can scatter in the pool, and once the “it” finishes counting, he/she can find the other players by shouting “marco” and the other players responding “polo.”

Once the “it” tags a player, he/she becomes the new “it” and the game starts again.

Air ball

This game comes with a difficult course. Air ball is played exactly how it is called, keeping the ball in the air. In order to play this water game, you’ll need an actual inflatable “air ball” course, or you can also do a makeshift obstacle course.

As mentioned above, keeping the ball in the air is the main rule of the game. In the inflatable course, you’ll have to keep the ball in the air by pressing air out of the obstacle and passing it to the other obstacle. As for the makeshift obstacle course, players in teams can pass the ball by blowing air below it. Of course the player/team who makes it to the end first, wins.

Pool jump quiz

Ever heard of the pool game “pool jump quiz” before? If you haven’t, you’re in for a challenge! You might want to brace yourselves because you’ll definitely need to use your logic on this one.

Pool jump quiz is a kind of game wherein players start by standing on the sides of the pool, taking turns on answering the “quiz.” The quiz can have different categories depending on what you prefer. Once players take turns on answering the quiz, a player who fails to do so jumps on the pool. The last one standing to answer all questions correctly, wins.

Treasure dive

The name gives away how this pool game is supposed to be played, diving to find treasure. It may seem a bit alike to scavenger hunt, but “treasure dive” has more specific mechanics. In order to start your treasure hunt, you’ll need a bunch of coins. The coins give a feel that you’re really diving and hunting sunken treasure.

To play this game, you can play individually or go with teams consisting of equal numbers of players. Players then start off to dive and hunt treasures, and the player/team who found the most number of coins wins.

Sharks & minnows

This water game is similar to the Octopus, but as the name suggests, one player will be the “shark” and the rest will be the “minnows.”

The game starts by getting the “shark” to stand in the middle of the pool, while the “minnows” go to one end of the pool. When the shark gives the “go” signal, the minnows try to get to the other end without being tagged by the shark. In cases where a “minnow” is tagged, he/she will become a “shark” and also tag the rest of the “minnows.”

The “minnow” who survives last will be the winner.

Mermaid practice

We’ve all dreamt of being a mermaid once in our lives, right? Kids and adults alike fancy having a taste of the magical world under the sea. And with mermaid practice, you can experience being a mermaid.

To get the full mermaid experience, you’ll obviously need mermaid tails for you to use. In this activity, you will get to learn how to swim beautifully like a mermaid. Swimming like a mermaid is easy, you can start off by doing body waves underwater and you’re off to a great start!


Here’s a pool game that is more fun to play with more members. This game may not be that common or known, but it comes with lots of fun!

You can start by choosing a player to be “it” to stand in the middle of the pool. While the “it” stands in the middle, the rest of the players stand on one side of the pool and try to make it to the other side with the “it” trying to tag them. If a player gets tagged, he/she will have to hold hands with the “it” like an octopus, and tag the other players together.

Once all the players are tagged, choose another “it” and start again.

Scavenger hunt

This next game is a common water game that everyone knows. To play scavenger hunt, you’ll need any small item such as coins, or anything that will sink. You can provide items as many as you want.

Scavenger hunt is a water game that can be both an individual game or a team game. For a team game, divide the players into two teams with equal number of players. Start by making the teams face away from the pool and throw the desired item into the pool. After hearing the “go” signal, two teams start to find and collect the item.

The first team to collect all the items desired, wins.

Obstacle course

Obstacle course is the best sporty game to play, as it says in the name, going through the obstacles. If you’re looking for a water game with more action, then this one’s for you. What you’ll need for this game are makeshift obstacle courses, or if you want to go the extra mile, you can buy a mini inflatable obstacle course that’ll fit in your pool.

Playing this water game is easy, players just have to go through the obstacle courses and finish first. You can play this individually or by teams composed of equal numbers of players. The first player/team to finish the obstacle wins.

Water balloon fight

Water balloon fight is a water game that’s less competitive and is more on the fun and enjoyable side for all ages. For this game, of course you’ll need a number of balloons and fill it with water to make a water balloon.

Here comes the fun part- throwing the water balloons to each other. It’s as easy as that! Just remember to be extra careful and avoid throwing in each other’s faces. The water balloon fight doesn’t necessarily have rules, so you can have fun all by yourselves.

Belly flop competition

Before we learn how this pool game works, let’s figure out first what a belly flop is. A belly flop is a kind of a diving pose wherein one lands on his/her stomach.

This water game is the best definition of laughter and fun. The players will take turns in diving into the pool, striking a pose with their biggest, funniest, naughtiest belly flop. The player will be determined by the most laughter or applause. If you’re all about fun, belly flops are the one!

Bumper balls

For this game, what you’ll be needing are a beach ball and a rope or cord. Any size will do, as long as it’s perfect for your preference. Here’s how this pool game works:

You may start by laying the rope across a section of the pool, or you may get creative and lay it like any shape or figure you would want. Distribute a ball to each player and when the go signal is fired, each player has to bump their balls into the other player’s. Players who touch the rope are “out” and the last one standing wins!

Crocodile Wrestling

What you need for this game are inflatable crocodiles for each player.

Crocodile wrestling is another version of the classic “chicken fight” water game, but instead of sitting on a team members shoulders, a player sits on an inflatable crocodile. In order to win the game, players should knock out other players off of their crocodile.

You can make the game more interesting and intense by setting time limits.

Rubber duckie race

The rubber duckie race is a well-known and classic game. It’s a fun water game for all ages. Of course as the name suggests, you will need a rubber duckie for every individual player.

Players start off by standing on one side of the pool with their rubber ducks, and the goal is to get the rubber duckies to the finish line- the other end of the pool. You think that’s too easy? Here’s the catch, you can only use your nose or breath to push the duck forward. The first player to get the rubber duckie to the other side of the pool wins the game.

Splash dance

This next game isn’t all about competition, but rather of style and performance. Splash dance is a pool game that encourages players to prepare the best performance by using props and costumes.

In this game, you’ll need two teams with equal numbers of players. You’ll also need a set of judges to judge the performance. Each team gets to prepare a choreographed skit, dance, or presentation. The theme of the performance can be decided by the players, too. Different themes can make this pool game interesting just like “funniest” or “naughtiest.”

Handstand contest

The “handstand contest” is another one of the classic pool games that everyone knows. Its rules are also as simple as it comes.

Be careful, the rules may be simple but playing the game is a whole new level. The rule of the game is simply just seeing who can hold the longest underwater handstand. In any case that a player stumbles, comes up for air, or touches the floor with their feet first, loses. You can either do a tournament or time each player’s records.

Cannonball competition

The cannonball competition is the classic water game for pool time or any swimming time. This game is just more on the fun side rather than competitive.

Playing this game is not only fun, but it’s also easy! Players just have to tuck their knees in and make the shape of a cannonball and launch themselves into the water. Cannonballs are all about making one big splash so naturally, the player who makes the biggest splash wins.

To wrap things up

Playing pool games while enjoying the pool water makes your swim time more exciting. Just choose any of the swimming pool games in the article above. You just have to take your pick, know the rules, provide what items you’ll need, and you’re off to a fun pool time!

Always remember to take extra precautionary measures, as you wouldn’t want any accidents while enjoying your pool time.