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How to swim like a mermaidHow to swim like a mermaid

How to Swim Like a Mermaid – The Beginners Guide

Have you ever seen a mermaid on TV or during a live show and wondered, what it takes to dive so elegantly through the water? Truth is, while it needs quiet some practice, it’s easier than what you might think. Here is our beginner guide on how to swim like a mermaid.

What is Mermaiding

Mermaiding is the activity of wearing and swimming with a mermaid tail. Mermaid tails keep your legs and feet bound together to let you truly experience that feeling of being a mermaid. Mermaiding was initially viewed as just a creative hobby but it has quickly progressed into a sport and even became a profession.

How to Become a Mermaid 

Maybe after watching a movie, you thought, “I want to be a mermaid!”. At that moment, it might have sounded like a ridiculous dream. But thanks to mermaiding, it’s easier than ever to turn your dream into reality! Mermaids are aquatic creatures, so the most essential thing in becoming a mermaid is learning how to swim with a mermaid tail. You can craft your own mermaid tail if you’re creative but there are also plenty of shops that help you to become a mermaid. Once you found a beautiful tail, you can start learning about scuba diving so you have the advantage of staying longer underwater and get yourself accustomed to it. When you are more comfortable being underwater and have practiced holding your breath, you can start freediving. Additional pro tip? Get your hair beautifully dyed with vibrant colors for a complete mermaid look!

How to Swim Like A Mermaid

Mermaids make it looks so easy, but swimming like a mermaid can be quite a challenge. The usual way of swimming you are familiar with is done by kicking each of your legs separately. In mermaiding, your legs and feet are bound together and it can feel weird at first. With some practice though, you can start swimming with grace like your fellow merfolks. Here are useful tips on how to swim like a mermaid.

Practice Holding Your Breath Underwater

Before you practice holding your breath underwater, check what your dry breath-hold is right now. Having an idea of your current capacity will make it easier to set up expectations and goals. Dry breath-holding is different than when you do it underwater. When you are submerged, there is more pressure on your body the deeper you go. This is why it is harder to hold breath underwater. Remember that holding your breath for a long time underwater is a skill so work on techniques that will allow you to hold your breath longer, and practice frequently.

Learn to Streamline

According to swim coaches, a streamline is the closest form a swimmer can achieve to a fish and its goal is to be and maintain its most hydrodynamic position. With streamlining, you conserve energy by propelling yourself far enough with the least amount of drag. When you learn how to streamline effectively, you will notice a change in your pace.

how to swim with a mermaid tail

Open Your Eyes Underwater

Mermaids swim with their eyes open, so better get comfortable doing the same! Enter the water with your eyes closed first, gently squint before slowly opening your eyes wider. It is normal to feel a little discomfort when opening your eyes underwater. It should go away soon enough. If it continues to sting, try closing your eyes again until the hurt is gone and then try to experiment opening your eyelids gradually again. It is best to test your skills in a controlled environment first such as pools until you are more confident in doing it in saltwater.

Practice Sculling

Sculling while swimming is mostly used to gauge water pressure. It is a technique that would allow you to feel the water while mermaiding by focusing on the pitch of your hands in the water. Simply put, practice your hand motions in the water such as creating an “S” or figure-eight motions.

Learn the Mermaid Kick

To do the mermaid kick, you have to roll your body all the way through the motion like a wave. The goal of the mermaid kick is to be fluid, not choppy, and resist your urge to fight the water. You can also do knee bends but remember that it isn’t the driving force. Use your core to do it. Remember that mermaids are not aiming for speed and have more freedom in their form which is necessary when hauling around a massive tail.

Swim With a Monofin

You are a mermaid, so of course, you need some fins! Look for a monofin that is comfortable and that offers superior propulsion and control in the water. Those with individual foot pockets and with adjustable straps are your best choice. 

Swim With a Mermaid Tail

There are several stores that have amazing mermaid tails for all ages and sizes. Some even provide classes on how to swim with a mermaid tail! While it can really be exciting to purchase your first mermaid tail, it is important that you pick a design that not only looks beautiful but feels comfortable too. Silicone mermaid tails and sequin hybrid tails are also available in the market. Once you made the right purchase, you can start to figure out how to swim in a mermaid tail!

Try It In The Open Water

Open water mermaiding is a totally different experience. You have less control of the water and the pressure is different too. Make sure you are trying it first in a safe open water space before diving deeper into the mermaid world!

Join a Mermaid Class

Learning to become a mermaid has never been easier! Several mermaid schools now offer courses, training, and even private classes with your own mermaid coach to let you fully experience mermaiding and merculture! Joining n a mermaid class helps you learn different tricks faster, be more confident underwater, and engage in the mermaid community!


Practice! Practice! Practice! Nothing could perfect a routine but constant practice! When you practice, you allow your body to be more at ease with water. This means that you will become relaxed while mermaiding. When you get to be confident and comfortable swimming like a mermaid, you’ll further enjoy and discover more mermaiding tricks as you twirl in the water!


Mermaiding is truly an enjoyable experience that you should definitely add to your bucket list especially if your element is water!  

If you cannot get enough of mermaiding, consider it on your next themed event! There are mermaids who star at teen pool parties, engage in cosplay, and extend the fun with photo ops too. Age should not be a limit so it should also be on top of the list of fun party pool ideas for adults

Have fun and make your mermaid dreams come true!