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How to be a mermaidHow to be a mermaid

How to Be a Mermaid – Steps to Becoming A Mermaid

Half-human, half-fish, the mermaid is one of the most popular mythological creatures in the world. They are seen and mentioned in art, cartoons, books, movies, and more. Maybe you have seen a mermaid in person at a theme park? Or at a beach? And now, maybe you are wondering how to be a mermaid yourself.

Just know, that it is possible to become a mermaid but you will definitely need a few things to start your “transformation.” It will take some time for you to be a mermaid and it will also require some effort and skill, especially in the water. After all, mermaids do live under the sea.

Before You Start

To be a mermaid is to be without feet and to be comfortable enough to be underwater for long periods of time. Here are a few things you’ll need to start becoming a mermaid:

A Tail

What’s the most noticeable thing a mermaid has that humans don’t? A tail! Having a tail allows a mermaid to swim underwater just like other aquatic creatures. The best fabric mermaid tails are more than just shiny and attractive. They should also be easy to put on and remove but at the same time secure enough for swimming.

When choosing your mermaid tail, don’t get too caught up in the colors. The first thing you need to check is the durability of the fabric of the mermaid tail. Remember that you’ll be wearing your mermaid tail above water too. The slightest snag on a rock or a seashell can cause tears and rips on mermaid tails made from cheap fabric or aren’t made too well.


Don’t forget, you’ll also need proper swimwear. Wearing a cotton top or any other shirt will weigh you down in the water. So, be sure to wear a top that is meant for swimming. You can also opt for one that will match your tail. If you are going to wear a mermaid tail that isn’t yours, it’s best to wear a bikini, too.

Other Gear

Although mermaids can open their eyes underwater without any worry, you might need goggles to start off. Not only will eye goggles help you see more clearly underwater but it will keep your eyes safe from irritations and infections too. 

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen! Even if you will be spending most of your time underwater, sunlight can still pierce through. It is still highly possible to get a sunburn even if you are underwater.

First Step: Preparation

Now that you have all of your swimming gear with you, it’s time to prep. Watching mermaids on TV or online can definitely be mesmerizing. What you might not know is the amount of effort it takes for them to look so effortless. So before heading into the water, tail in tow, you should prep the following first:

Breathing Under Water

How to be a mermaid might seem simple at first but it actually requires a lot of training and skill. For starters, you need to be able to breathe underwater. If you have watched mermaid performers live, you might notice they don’t even make that many bubbles—that takes a lot of practice.


Now, this is a necessary skill for all mermaids, swimming. Remember once you have your tail on, you can’t rely on your feet. Even if you are on shallow waters, you can’t exactly stand on your own two feet to be able to breathe. Instead, you need to use your tail to paddle and your arms to keep afloat.

The best way to be comfortable swimming underwater is to go on swimming courses. Why not try scuba diving or free diving? This will help you get a feel of truly being a mermaid. Do these courses before swimming with your mermaid tail on.

Strength Training

Before becoming a mermaid in the water, you’ll also need a lot of strength training while on land. These are the two major parts you need to work on:


You might be surprised to be working your core to be a mermaid. But there is a reason why mermaids have abs! Since your legs will be in a tail, most of your strength in swimming will need to come from your core—core strength training is a must!


Again, without much use of your legs, the only limbs you can rely on now are your arms. You can start off with light weights but ideally, you should train using your own body weight for arm strength. When you need to get out of the water, your arms will be your main source to pull yourself out. Remember that things get heavier in the water, aside from your body weight, you also need to acknowledge the weight of your mermaid tail.

Second Step: Plunge

This doesn’t need to be a literal dive into the water. In fact, it would be very hard to do, especially with your tail on. You might need a little bit of help from friends and family but, the next step is actually putting on your tail and getting into the water.

If you know of any mermaid classes, this will be very helpful in becoming a mermaid. After all, a mermaid instructor is a fellow mermaid, too.

Final Step: Practice

You’re at the final step on how to be a mermaid, and all you have to do is practice, practice, practice. You might actually think the prep and plunge parts are the hardest but actually, it’s keeping at it.

To complete your “transformation” and truly be a mermaid, you have to continue wearing your tail and swimming in the water.