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Are sit in fishing kayaks worth itAre sit in fishing kayaks worth it

Are Sit In Fishing Kayaks Worth It?

Aside from your fishing rod, one of the most important things you need to decide on for kayak fishing is the actual kayak. There are generally two types of kayaks available in the market, the sit on kayak and the sit in kayak.

There are pros and cons to both kayak types but in this article, the latter will be discussed. Questions like are sit in fishing kayaks worth it or what are the advantages to sit in fishing kayaks will be answered below.

What are Sit In Kayaks?

First things first, what is a sit in kayak? And how does it differ from a sit on kayak? As its name implies, a sit in kayak is a type of kayak where you will literally sit inside. It has an enclosure where the lower part of your body will be inside. A sit on kayak, on the other hand, does not have an enclosure. Sit in kayaks are usually thinner or narrower as opposed to a sit on kayak, which is generally wider.

man paddling in kayak

What are the Advantages of Sit In Fishing Kayaks?

To find out if sit in fishing kayaks are worth it, let’s take a look at some of its advantages:

Better Stability

With a lower seat, a sit in kayak offers a lower center of gravity. This means you’ll be able to paddle even when you are leaning on your side without toppling over.

Less Effort Paddling

A sit in kayak has a hull where you can push your knee or legs off for paddling. You can even use a sit in kayak for rough waters as making turns is way easier. At the same time, sit in kayaks are ideal for longer fishing trips.

Extra Protection

As it is a sit in kayak already offers protection for the elements like cold water and the sun. But you can even add more protection by adding a cover to the cockpit. This makes sit in kayaks perfect for fishing in the open sea or freezing ocean or rougher waters.

Are There Disadvantages to Sit in Fishing Kayaks?

The sit in kayak is of course, not perfect. There are a few disadvantages to this type of kayak. For instance, if you accidentally topple over, it will be harder to get back on it. Also, if it fills up with water, it’ll be harder to remove because of the hull as opposed to sit on kayaks you just need to turn over.

Conclusion: Are Sit In Fishing Kayaks Worth It?

So, are sit in fishing kayaks worth it? Yes, they are especially if you plan to go fishing in places where the water is cold or rough. It is also worth it for long fishing trips. However, if you prefer a shorter and calmer fishing trip and have a lot of baggage with you, it might be best to opt for a sit on kayak instead.