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What is Aqua yogaWhat is Aqua yoga

Aqua Yoga – What the Water Yoga Trend is All About

Yoga was first practiced in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. Today, yoga has become one of the most popular exercises for both the body and the mind throughout the world. So now you might be wondering what aqua yoga is all about.

Aqua yoga is pretty much the same as regular yoga but it is done in the water. It is typically practiced in a pool that is a bit shallow, not too deep. This way when doing yoga poses, you don’t end up submerging your head underwater.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga

So why do aqua yoga in the first place when it’s pretty much the same as regular yoga? Well, aqua yoga offers benefits that aren’t present in other physical activities. Here are just a few:

Safer Yoga

When it comes to doing yoga poses, such as dancer or tree pose, you might find yourself having trouble with getting balance. For people who have injuries, especially knee injuries, or those who are older, falling off balance is quite tough. But, thanks to the buoyancy of the water, you never have to fear falling or breaking a fall with aqua yoga.

More Challenging

The property of water can actually help in making your yoga practice more challenging. When you do poses like the chair pose or triangle, it requires you to strengthen your core to be balanced. In the water, every movement can alter your balance—this can be from the water pump or even from the movement of your nearby classmates.

Better Movement

When you are in the water, you might notice that you are able to do more. There is less pressure on your joints and you can create wider stances and movements. Aqua yoga can help in improving your mobility and flexibility.

woman doing ypga pose near the pool


What do you wear to aqua yoga?

If you have an aqua yoga class, stick to clothes that you would usually wear to the pool and not to the studio. It’s best to wear swimwear than just regular activewear as these types of fabrics can weigh you down and restrict your movement in the water.

Do I need any equipment for aqua yoga?

Since you are not able to submerge your head underwater, it’s very helpful to have pool noodles. This can help you in doing modified poses, such as the cat-cow. It’s also a good option to have an inflatable dock.

The best Inflatable dock is quite versatile for aqua yoga classes. You can hold on to it for certain poses and it can be used as a platform by the teacher. An inflatable dock is also a better option for savasana if you are uncomfortable floating on pool noodles.

What if I can’t swim?

Don’t worry as aqua yoga is usually done in a pool with the water level above the chest area and below the neck.

Who Can Do Aqua Yoga?

Pretty much anyone can do aqua yoga, in fact, it is recommended for people who have joint problems or are fall risks. Aqua yoga is an excellent form of activity to help improve your physical health and even your mental health. It can soothe your nervous system, ease anxiety, reduce tiredness, and more.

Aqua yoga is a good starting point for people who want to try regular yoga too. You can start off with regular poses without having to force or pressure your body too much.